Morgans Boutique Hotel Check In
Morgans Boutique Hotel Check In

Contactless self check in

13 Oct 2020

Contactless 24 hr self check-in ensures our guest’s safety and security.

We’ve gone contactless, installing the latest lock technology, giving our guests the option to have mobile device access.

With our contactless 24 hr self check-in, we can reduce face to face interaction at the front desk and the contact our customers have with surfaces that everybody can touch.

Apart from this, contactless 24 hr self check-in will help to save you time and you can check in at any time!

Contactless 24 hr self check-in is available at Morgans Boutique Hotel!

How it works

  • 1. Provide us with an email address that you can access on your mobile device. 
  • 2. We will then send you an invitation to check-in using your mobile device as a key to access the hotel & your room.
  • 3. Simply download the Mobile Access app via the link provided in the email, follow the prompts and turn your mobile device into your access key.
  • 4. To open a door make sure your blue tooth is on & have the Mobile access app open, then simply hold your device up to the black box, once the green light flashes you may open the door.

What OUR guests loved the most

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The bed was extremely comfortable and we appreciated the kitchen facilities to have tea/coffee at our leisure. The location in Darlinghurst was convenient to Sydney sites.


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